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The ISP Mission 

 Our mission at International Slumber Party (ISP) is to unite and empower young women of color worldwide by introducing them to many diverse pathways and opportunities made accessible through cutting-edge technology.

Through mentoring, connection, and collaboration, we foster a supportive sisterhood that helps them build invaluable relationships and skills.

We aim to inspire these young women to unlock their boundless potential and pursue their aspirations by sharing the remarkable journeys of accomplished women who've blazed trails before them.

Our ultimate objective is to enable them to envision themselves as esteemed contributors to society and as formidable leaders capable of catalyzing positive change on a global scale.  

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 What To Expect in the ISP Metaverse Mansion 
  • 🌐 Virtual Slumber Fun: Dive into a world of virtual slumber party excitement, featuring games, activities, and captivating talks by renowned speakers.

  • 🤝 Global Connections: Connect with a diverse global community, make new friends, and engage in meaningful discussions with our esteemed guest speakers.

  • 🌟 Inspirational Speakers: Immerse yourself in the wisdom and motivation shared by our exceptional lineup of speakers, making your ISP in the Metaverse an enlightening experience.

  • 🎉 Memorable Moments: Create lasting memories as you enjoy the perfect blend of fun, entertainment, and inspiration at the ISP in the Metaverse.

The ISP Experience
Connect • Collaborate • Cultivate
Koketso's Story

Koketso's journey with ISP began in 2020 when she attended the event as a student at the University of South Africa, majoring in Business Management. Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, Koketso was eager to connect with like-minded women of color from around the world and gain the skills and knowledge she needed to succeed in her personal and professional life.

After attending the ISP, Koketso was so impressed with the experience that she emailed the team requesting long-term mentoring. The ISP team was thrilled to accept and soon brought Koketso on board to plan the 2021 event. Her exceptional work ethic and dedication to the project caught the attention of the founders at Sister Diamonds, LLC, who were so impressed that they offered Koketso a paid internship.

Three years later, Koketso has risen through the ranks and now serves as a Junior Program Manager at Sister Diamonds. Her salary is paid in USD, which converts to 1:18 in ZAR, allowing her to purchase a car (named Bubbles) and help her mother create a better life for themselves.

Jaime's Story

During the 2021 ISP, Jamie, a Psychology major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, was paired with a Procurement executive from Home Depot to learn how to source suppliers for the event. The mentorship and sponsorship she received were invaluable, and as a result, she was offered an opportunity to join Home Depot's award-winning paid 11-week internship program.

After completing the internship, Jamie was offered a position as a Strategic Sourcing Analyst at The Home Depot. This amazing opportunity was made possible thanks to the mentorship and sponsorship she received at ISP.

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Meet Our Founders
Crystal Khalil

Crystal Khalil, the visionary co-founder of the International Slumber Party (ISP), is not only a driving force behind the global sisterhood but also an Amazon best-selling author. Her book, "Hard Workers Work Hard, And Networkers Move Up," has resonated with countless individuals seeking success in both professional and personal realms. As a retired corporate executive, Crystal brings a wealth of experience to her role as a mentor and guide.

Passionately committed to professional, personal, and spiritual development, Crystal is known for her radiant spirit, always encouraging others to shine their light and reach for their highest potential.

Dr. Nicole LaBeach

Dr. Nicole LaBeach, co-founder of the International Slumber Party (ISP), is a true luminary in the world of personal and professional development. Renowned as the "Results Maven," she has garnered widespread recognition for her exceptional coaching skills, working with high-profile leaders, executives, spiritual influencers, and celebrities.

Dr. Nicole's expertise extends beyond the boardroom, as she is also celebrated for her profound insights into relationships. As the former host of OWN's "Put A Ring On It," she has earned respect and admiration for her invaluable relationship guidance.

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