International Slumber Party

Created by Sister Diamonds, LLC

Why is the ISP important to young women of color?

Young women of color from New York to California, London to Ghana all deserve a special moment to recognize their greatness, sharpen their brilliance, and speak to what matters to them. The International Slumber Party endeavors to elevate their voices and promote positive conversations that change the narrative of women of color.


Many cultural and social movements of today focus heavily on the plight of black men and boys, and rightfully so! But what about our girls? At the International Slumber Party, we shine a bright light on the specific issues, interests, and matters of the heart of young women of color that often go overlooked or pushed to the side.


Our communities, cities, and nations are strengthened when we invest in the present and future of young women of color. Our intention is for every guest to leave ISP empowered, with a network of potential mentors, sponsors, and new sister connections with like-minded women of color from around the world.

Our Vision

Where young women of color celebrate their brilliance & personal purpose

Our Values

We embrace the unique experiences of women globally, and provide unparalleled, unique experiences that surprise, inspire, and delight.

international slumber party

Our Commitment to Young Women of Color

Sister Diamonds co-CEOs, Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach can't wait to host this year's inaugural International Slumber Party, with open and committed hearts for young women of color, to:

  • See their brilliance and hold the space for them to feel what we see.
  • Reinforce their personal power and help them manifest personal purpose.
  • Create opportunities for them to play, laugh, build trust, and experience emotional freedom.
  • Be her brand ambassador for her practice of greater self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance;

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