Dr. Chanita Foster

Chanita Foster

Dr. Chanita Foster

Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author, Speaker, Success Coach, and Moderator

Chanita Foster is a Social Change Philanthropist focusing on marginalized and disenfranchised communities.  


She is an  Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author, Speaker, Success Coach, and Moderator with experience as a Policy Advocate, Communications Specialist, and Social Sector Expert.     

She is the founder of BEYOND THE GAME a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity also registered in South African and Swaziland as an NGO.   

She serves as the Global Government Relations and Public Policy Director for an agency in Atlanta currently bridging the gap between international business transactions in the United States.   

Her resume includes Head of   Business Development at PJS Global , an entity focusing on infrastructure development projects as well as Marketing, Branding, Risk Management, and Entrepreneurial development in Africa. Recently PJS Global locked the Biggest Deal in Company history with the partnership to run Forbes8 in Africa. Forbes8 is the digital platform of Forbes magazine which is over 100 publications. 

An award recipient of a United Nations Global award 2019, Dr.   Chanita is In a league of her own. She is mostly known and praised for her work as a Philanthropist under her foundation Beyond the Game,  where she has actively raised   Millions of Dollars in funds to benefit the widows and orphans on the Continent of Africa.    

BTG currently feeds 1000 children a day, has built  2 orphanages with the assistance of associate donors including R & B singer Ne-Yo. She currently runs 3   Care Points and a lower level school and to date, provided 2 water wells for freshwater.  

Her Passion Project is now that of SANITARY NAPKINS for girls in the rural areas in villages across Africa so that Girls can continue their education and not drop out due to not having proper hygiene products.  Her motto “A Period should not be a Punishment” is a top priority to her as a Change Agent.  

Dr. Chanita’s leadership stature and robust global impact have led her to be one of the first-ever appointed American Brand Ambassador of Tourism for Zimbabwe. Her duties amongst others are to drive the countries economical activities through investor relations and to be the face of the countries tourism. Within a short time in office, she has increased the countries visibility and delivered a tourism plan that will focus on investment seminars/activities to promote Zimbabwe covering awareness via social media. She has secured medical containers for those in need and donated over 10,000 packs of Sanitary Napkins for school girls in Zimbabwe.  

Dr. Foster’s charitable endeavors not only reach abroad, but they also have a footprint here on the homeland as well.   She has participated as Director of Kandi Burruss Kandi   Cares Foundation, Hip Hop for   Cancer, the United Way and the St. Bernard  Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana, delivering over 1 million dollars worth of needed supplies and building homes in areas still affected by Hurricane Katrina. She can be found in the city of Atlanta Serving and donating anywhere where people are in need.  

Dr. Chanita is a renowned personality among the masses.   She is a documented millionaire through the MLM Industry, positively contributes, and previously served in one of the well known MLM companies. She was named   Rookie of the Year for earning 6  figures in 6 Months. She was instrumental in launching the company in South Africa and was Global Director serving the   Continent which includes   Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia,   Swaziland, Botswana, Ghana, and Kenya. Through the MLM platform, her vision of helping 1000 African families make their dreams come true every year breaking the chains of generational poverty.  

Her leadership skills have positioned her as in the area of   social change philanthropy in   Africa, and as one of the most    effective philanthropic personality globally where she has been awarded most prestigious awards in the field of philanthropy, given by different organizations and structures (see the list below)  
Her Favorite Award is that from President Barack Obama the Gold Award for individuals that have an exceptional reputation for serving the community and people around the World.  

Dr. Chanita constant in her advocacy to focused on “social change” as a process to alter the status quo and to improve conditions for individuals, families ultimately the community.  She understands that the history of women in philanthropy tells the stories of women looking for equality, collaborative efforts to assimilate into the political,   cultural, and economic society; and of women playing their role to assist with the plight of social ills. Her exposure and expertise to the Community Social Investment industry make her criteria for selecting projects to be considered and successful. She also now and then assist with the ‘new philanthropist’ wave individuals, taking them through life-changing processes showing them how to do more than ‘write a cheque’ bringing them closer to reality by getting them to offer their time and expertise. 

As an author of the Best Seller “Girl I’m Not Tripping I’m Depressed,” she is an advocate for Black Mental Health. A survivor of Depression she understood Mental Health first hand and is passionate about the taboo topic shedding light in places where most hide in the dark. 
Although a distant past, Dr. Chanita has been a Cast member of a variety of Reality shows which stretched her to grow as a person as millions of viewers watched. 
•Swaziland Awards – Best Humanitarian Award 2012 
• Black Celebrity Giving – Best Celebrity Giver Award 2013 
• The Pink Awards- The Pink Samaritan Awards 2014 
• Angel in the Community Supporter Award 2014 
• Black Celebrity Giving – Best NON-Profit South East Award 2014 
• TLC – Rising Star Award 2015 
• RICE – Best Humanitarian Award 2015 
• The Evolution Of The Woman Of The Year Award 2015 
• Off The Field Players Wives Association – The Woman Of Impact Award 2015 
• Women Who Give Back Award 2015 
• MTYA- Excellence Award 2016 
• The Dream Foundation – Empowerment is Sexy Award 2016 
• Nationals Night Out – Team Work Award 2016 
• The Legendary Awards- Best Philanthropy Award 2016 
• TLC – Team Builder of the Year 2017 
• TLC- International Award 2017 
• Girl Hold My Hand Award 2017 
•TLC International Builder Award 2018 
•TLC Global Impact Award 2018 
•President Barack Obama Gold Award 2019 
• Trinity International University of Ambassadors Humanitarian Award 2019 
•Maneuvering Through The Entertainment Industry to find your calling Award 2019 
•“She’s Great” Educate, Enrich, Enlight Award 2019 
•Trinity Girls Network Women’s Economics Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship and Leadership Award 2019 
•United Nations Ambassadorial Appointment 2019 
United Nations Global Awards- Global Chairwoman Award 2019