Duquesa Dean

Duquesa Dean

Author, Speaker, Coach & President of Transition Mentorship Program


 Duquesa explains her life as multifaceted.


As a result of her Customer Service, Leadership, Branding & Strategy Training Sessions, businesses experience an increase in employee productivity as well as profits. They also benefit from a more engaged workforce.


Additionally, her web-based TV show Empowering Queens TV, support & encourage women to pursue their dreams, to overcome limitations, and to shatter boundaries.


As an author, her books focus on helping women develop the skills needed to reclaim their power & to rebuild their lives. Her most recent book Sister, Stand Up Again is a tool to create a blueprint that will rebuild their lives.


She vividly remembers sitting on her bathroom floor at the age of 30 considering tapping out on life. Up to that point in her life, she had basically been existing on autopilot. Her personal brand was truly lacking, and her goals were shallow. Those were the reasons she’d made poor decisions that made her feel hopeless.


With the help of a mentor, she rebuilt her life focusing on re-building her personal brand, becoming more educated, and developing a better network of people to “play” with.


Fast forward to today, she is using the lessons from her broken experiences to work with professional & businesswomen, creatives and other women who are tired of being “stuck” and are seeking personal or professional development. As a result of her work with women:

1. Experience a greater sense of purpose

2. Create & execute action plans

3. Live with fewer limits and

4. Experience true joy.


She has invested deeply in her own development. Using the strategies and tools she learned from her various certifications and coaching, she helps women unleash their full potential, overcome fear, and be courageous enough to pursue their goals.