Patrenia Werts Onuoha

Patrenia Wets Onuoha

Patrenia Werts Onuoha

Consultant & Executive Coach

Patrenia Werts Onuoha  is a Global citizen as an American living in Africa by CHOICE, ON purpose, and for a PURPOSE for almost 20 years. Worked in Global Fortune 100 as well as Nigerian organizations to make up her 30 years of work experience. Engineer to Bank Executive to Consultant to Corporate Real Estate Leader– Her story alone proves to anyone that self-discovery, adaptation, and reinvention is REAL!  A recent 2019 Retiree from Oil & Gas conglomerate Shell Nigeria…she has transitioned from Career to Calling! Patreniaspeaks


Patrenia can be found serving in her gift as a Trainer, Performance Coach, and Change Consultant specializing in Resilience. Her latest manifestations have been an over 250 women community called Living the Diamond Life… Lifestyle and Leadership development for Rising Women. Upcoming Projects are MOJO360, More Joy in all directions of your life, a 6-month Mastermind committed to Raise the Happiness and Fulfillment quotients for all. 


Within minutes of meeting Patrenia, most people immediately comment on her Energy! She calls it her MOJO: MoreJoy Energy! Her zest for life is the fruit of lossShe has been given monikers like ‘Nigerian Oprah’, the ‘Queen of Reinvention’, and the ‘Encourager’. The PatreniaSpeaks platform tells the world that Powering people to perform is her passion.   


A mother of 5, a new grandmother, and Niger wife of over 30 years.