Sheila Jordan

sheila Jordan

Sheila Jordan

CEO, Knowledge Architects, LLC

Sheila Jordan is the Managing Partner of Knowledge Architects.  She brings over 20 years of experienced leadership in the organizational and workforce development industry.   


In 2015, Sheila launched KA, a technology venture focused on the emerging sector of Augmented Reality in Maintenance for Transportation and Industrial Manufacturing.  Knowledge Architects designs and develops digital work instructionthat use AR and 3D technologies to create virtual ecosystems for complex industrial assets.  Her journey as a woman of color in the highly competitive world of advanced technology fuels her vision to grow and exit this venture successfully.   


Throughout her career as a serial entrepreneur, Sheila has been a committed advocate for young women of color by helping them understand and overcome the barriers to success in today’s ever-shifting economic landscape.  She mentors young women from Year Up, sits on the board of the Georgia Women’s Business Council where she leads the charge to educate small women-owned businesses, she is on the advisory council for the Women’s Leadership Forum and participates in several community-based organizations focused on under-employment issues facing at-risk populations facing youth between the ages of 18-24. 


She is an excellent communicator with a tremendous ability to engage her audience, a respected leader in both the civic and professional arena, and has been honored by her peers for her accomplishments in the industry.  Sheila was a finalist for Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Small Business of the Year Award for an Early Stage business, and the 2017 winner of the Atlanta Business League’s Women of the Year Award for Outstanding Achievement.   


Her goal is to create an ecosystem of mature women-owned firms that invest and grow other women-led businesses through capitalization, procurement opportunities, and mentoring.