Yes, The International Slumber Party Was Created for Women of Color. Why?

international slumber party

Yes, The International Slumber Party Was Created for Women of Color. Why?

The International Slumber Party: Proudly By and For Women of Color

The International Slumber Party experience was curated by two black women to celebrate and uplift young women of color.  Yes, we realize white is a color, and as an organization, Sister Diamonds celebrates all women through its SHE Brilliance and Sista Hugs brands.  We welcome our white sisters to support the International Slumber Party by standing with us in allyship.  There are many ways to support by showing compassion, empathy, giving to the cause, mentoring, and spreading the word. 

Allyship is crucial in the transformation required to change the alarming statistics of women of color who are disproportionately affected financially, educationally, physically, politically, and mentally.  At Sister Diamonds, we are not waiting for someone else to formulate a solution for us. By investing in ourselves, we will be better prepared to lead the conversation with our allies regarding the systematic changes required to change the narrative for women of color around the world.

A Seat at the Table to Support Women of Color

We realize it’s uncomfortable to feel uninvited to the party.  For many women of color, this is a daily reality.  We understand that as long as you see yourself, you don’t recognize who you don’t see in the boardroom, in politics, in health statistics, employment ranks, and at the top of the Fortune 500 list. This is unfortunately the crux of the problem. The International Slumber Party is a place where women of color all over the world will be seen, heard, celebrated, and uplifted.

We do not see the need to debate our stance – the statistics speak for themselves.

We welcome your support.

Your Sister Diamonds,

Crystal & Dr. Nicole